Questions & Answers:

How can I sign up to coach?
A: Contact the Player Agent for the division your are wanting to coach. Spots are limited so do it NOW! Tryouts are the next 2 weekends.

When does the season start?
A: Games start in March, 2018. Click the parent flyer for more info.

What does it cost?
A: T-Ball is $100 & all other divisions are $125 per player. Click the parent flyer for more info

When are tryouts?
A: Tryouts are weather permitting. All players tryout except T-Ballers. Every kid gets on a team. Click the parent flyer for more info.

When will I hear from my coach?
A: Teams will be drafted after the final tryout date. It may take week or two so you should start to hear from a coach by the first week of March 2017.

How do I sponsor a team or player:
A: Without sponsors we could not continue to exist. Simply click on the Sponsorship form and make your donation today.

Who can join the Board of Directors?
A: Any regular member in good standing can join the Board of Directors. A regular MEMBER is any parent or guardian of a player that participated in the 2015 season and does not owe any money to Laguna Little League.

Who can run for President of Laguna Little League?
A: According to the Laguna Little League Constitution, any board member with at least 2 years of service on the Board Of Directors.

What can I do?
A: There are lots of positions to fill. At the end of each Spring Season, the Board Members are released of their responsibilities. So we need to re-elect all positions. No previous experience required for most of the positions.


What color pants and belt?
A: Your coach will advise you what color pants, sock and belt.

Can I coach? Do I have to be experienced.
A: Yes and No. We are always needing coaches, escpecially in the younger divisions. You do not have to be a baseball expert. can help you get started, you just have to want to have fun and help our youth grow.

A2: Contact any boardmember or the Player Agent in the division you want to coach.
Go to and fill out the Volunteer form and coaches application.

What is a Board Member and who votes?
A: The Annual Meeting, usually held in late September is the time everyone can vote for League President and any offices that will be filled during the Annual Meeting.
The League President must have at least 2 years of service on the board before he/she can be elected president.
All other positions are volunteers and must pass a background check. Once the initial board of directors is set, they will vote on all additional board positions and approve coaches.

What is All-Stars?
A: Once the Special Games Tournaments are completed all the coaches for each respective division will meet and choose a single team of standouts to represent Laguna Little League in the state and international tournaments.
All-Stars division are set:
9-10 Minors (Baseball & Softball)
10-11 11yr old(Baseball & Softball)
11-12 Little League World Series Tournament.
13-14 Juniors(Baeball)
12-14 Juniors(Softball)

How can I help?
A: Come out ANY Saturday and volunteer your time to work on the fields. Just let one of the board members know, and we will ge the gates open for you. There is lots to do.

Where are the ball fields:
A: The ballpark is located at the Waldron Sports Complex at 3702 Waldron Road.
Enter the Navy gate, make an immediate left. Then turn right at the second paved road and the ball fields are straight ahead.

What age do you have to be:
A: Little League Baseball has a league age determined by a set date. Your league age for boys is the player's age on August 31, of the Spring Season.
T-ball, league age based on the boys' date.
Girls league age is based on their age this last December 31 before the spring season.


Where can I read about the rules of Little League.
A: You can go to and read about the rules of Little League Baseball and Softball.
A2: Check the By-Laws for local rules.

What are the divisions of play:
-6 T-Ball Baseball & Softball
7-8 Coach Pitch Baseball/Softball
9-10 Minors or Kid-Pitch Baseball/Softball
11-12 Majors Baseball/Softball
13-14 Juniors Baseball/Softball
15-16 Seniors Baseball

Are background checks done on all volunteers.
A: Yes. it is required by Little League. Join the board and help today.


What other equipment will I need:
A: Your coach will advise you what color of pants & socks to buy. You will also need a glove. But if you don't have one, check with the board as there are several in storage. We also have several pairs of cleats and other equipment parents have donated.
Updated 2/26/18

2018 Board Of Directors

Tony Keith - President

Daniel Hurlbut - Vice President - Baseball

Jacob Torres - Vice President - Softball

Rick Hoefel - League Secretary

Chuck Daffron - Information Officer/Registrar

Tracy Daffron - Treasurer

Freddie Williams - Head Umpire

Bruce Elam - Majors Player Agent - Baseball
Field Maintenance Coordinator

Michael Burtts - Minors/Coach Pitch Player Agent - Baseball

Ashley Burtts - Challenger Seniors Player Agent

James Flores - Minors & Majors Player Agent - Softball

Stephie Ding - T-Ball Player Agent
Sponsorship Coordinator

Brian Myers - Juniors/Seniors Player Agent - Baseball & Softball

Mino Lizcano - Equipment Manager

Julie Keith - Fundraising Coordinator


Scott Crawford - Concession Manager

Michael Farah - General board member - Baseball

AJ Johnson - General board member - Baseball
Brian Myers
- General board member - Baseball
Casey Owens
- General board member - Softball


Rick Reyes - District 23 Administrator - Southwest Region Section IV